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Treatment Of Clenching & Grinding Of TeethBack

We live in a very busy and robust society, which is go, go, go all the time. This stress can cause a lot of people to wake up with headaches, jaw pain, or pain in the temple. The cause of this is usually grinding your teeth at night while you sleep and the vast majority of people do not know they are grinding or clenching their teeth while they are asleep. In this case, our office would create a custom night guard which is worn while the patient is asleep. This night guard protects all of the teeth from being worn done and becoming “short” or “small teeth”, protects the jaw joint and stops the headaches.

Our office would simply send an estimate to your insurance company and once we receive the approval the night guard is created within 2-3 days. Majority of insurance companies will pay for a night guard.

Our dental professionals will do a complete assessment of your entire head, neck and mouth to determine if you require a night guard.

Please contact our office today if you have persistent headaches or jaw pain at 905.232.VIVA or email us at info@vivadental.ca

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