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Digital Dental Xrays Back

At VIVA Dental, we stay current with todays technology and have invested in a digital dental xray system. This new and exciting technology reduces the amount of radiation exposure by 90% !!! The images show up instantly on our computer screen and on a wall mounted television for you to view and follow along as well. We can zoom in and out of the image to get the perfect look at your precious teeth and also can change the shade to see the image under different lighting. These features give us the advantage to locate a cavity as early as possible and treat it or watch it until your next visit. And if you need to be referred to a specialist we can instantly attach it to an email and send it off. What a time to be alive!!

Call today to have your digital dental xrays taken at 905.232.VIVA or email us at info@vivadental.ca for more information.

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