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Root Canal Therapy Back

When someone hears the words “Root Canal Treatment” they tend to think of a very painful procedure or experience. In fact, the truth is that a root canal treatment is almost always easier then doing a filling. If a cavity is not treated, it will eventually reach the nerve of the tooth which is located in the middle of the tooth. At this point the nerve of the tooth will become infected and would need to be treated and filled. Some times we refer our patients to a root canal specialist, called an endodontist, for treatment.

After a root canal treatment is performed a crown is usually recommended for the tooth because it is at a high risk of breaking or fracturing. Once a crown is placed over the root canal treated tooth it is now back to full strength and is fully functioning. These procedures are usually all covered by your insurance.

If you have questions or concerns please call our office at 905.232.VIVA or email us at info@vivadental.ca

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