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Crowns, Bridges, Implants & Dentures Back


When a tooth is badly decayed or when a root canal treatment has been done on a tooth it would need a crown or “cap” as some people like to call it. Once a crown is placed on a tooth the tooth gains back almost all its strength and you can once again chew with it without any issues.

At VIVA Dental we place crowns which are called Zirconia and these crowns have the most strength and the best cosmetic appeal. A custom shade will be done to make sure the new crown matches are of your teeth. We can also place crowns which are porcelain fused to metal for added strength. Our office would tailor fit your personalized crown to meet all your needs.

Bridges & Dental Implants

Once a tooth has been extracted or removed the open space needs to be occupied so you can once again chew food and also so teeth do not shift out of place. In this circumstance we would advise a dental implant or a bridge.

A dental implant is the best option as it keeps the bone healthy around it but most insurance companies do not cover it. If you would be interested in a dental implant then our office can refer you to a great implant specialist.

If a bridge is needed then our office would send out the required paper work to your insurance company on your behalf to get an approval for the bridge. A bridge is fixed in your mouth and cannot be removed, it is not a denture.


Dentures are needed when multiple teeth are missing. If all of your upper or lower teeth are missing then we would make a complete upper or lower denture. If multiple teeth are missing then we would make you a partial denture. Both are customized for your mouth and all we need to do is take an upper and lower impression of your teeth and you would come back to pick them up a few days later. We can also make dentures the same day, if needed, after a tooth has been removed. So we would remove the tooth and add it to the denture the same day !! Our office also does same day denture repairs !

For a free consultation call our office now at 905.232.VIVA or email us at info@vivadental.ca for more information.

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