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Comprehensive Oral Exams Back

This is a very thorough and meticulous assessment of the head, neck and mouth. The charting for this is quite extensive and entails recording everything which is normal and abnormal in regards to the head, neck and mouth. Your upper and lower jaw is also checked for proper function and chewing ability. Every single tooth in the mouth is charted in regards to missing teeth, rotated teeth, filled teeth, watch areas (which may become cavities in the future), plaque and tarter build up. Also, six measurements are taken of each tooth, this will tell us if the bone level around each tooth is good or bad and if certain attention needs to be paid to certain teeth.

This exam will let us generate a treatment plan which is very patient specific and caters to one specific individuals needs. Not every person has the exact same mouth and not every individual has the same amount of build-up. Some people will need more time while others will require less time, some require standard treatment and others will require advanced care and attention. At VIVA Dental we treat every patient as an individual.

After the comprehensive oral exam all findings are discussed with the patient and a treatment plan which is suitable for you is formulated. We let you know your oral health status and give you our professional recommendations for care.

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